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Well begun is half done, that's why it seemed like a good idea to start with the beaches that occupy no less than 20 kilometers of coastline.

The beaches are beautiful, all, no exceptions. All beautiful and all different. Don't miss that of Nora e Santa Margherita, one with a grainy sand bottom, white as ivory, bordered by a beautiful cliff, the other composed of gray sand with suggestive pink reflections. Both have shallow waters and are therefore ideal for a family outing.

Beautiful and 700 meters long, the beach On Guventeddo showcases clean water, clear, crystal clear with the beautiful view of the Coltellazzo Towerand the islet of Saint Macarius.

A gem hidden among the sandy waves of Nora is the Fig Beach, equipped with very fine sand and which owes its name to the many fig trees that grow around it.

Port Columbus it is known for its coarse-grained sand mixed with gravel: the water is immediately deep and the brevity of the beach makes it a difficult and highly coveted location.

We close with the beautiful beach of Cala d'Ostia, in Santa Margherita. In this case the sand is coarse grained, clear and very deep water from an early age. The cove that houses it is particularly suggestive, scented with eucalyptus trees, wild pines and embellished by the beautiful nineteenth-century watchtower.